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Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor for Pharmaceutical Industry

From the production of tablets to the application of preservatives, SOLLANT oil-free scroll air compressor zero grade 100% oil-free technology reduces product safety issues and eliminates the risk of product contamination.

Compressed air is frequently used to remove powder from tablets and spray on pharmaceutical coatings. Oil-free air can ensure high product purity and eliminate health risks caused by waste or oil contamination; when filling and dosing, compressed air is Usually in direct contact with products or packaging, zero-grade oil-free air prevents oil from directly transferring to the product; for the requirements of sterile air in the process, zero-grade oil-free air is even more essential.


Application of oil-free scroll air compressor in the pharmaceutical industry:
1 for and coating. Widely used in production, milling, packaging, etc. Oil-free grade 0 air guarantees high product purity and avoids mixing.

2. Compressed air is used to maintain overpressure of the mixture and pressure vessels to ensure product integrity/sterility. Class 0 oil-free air avoids this delicate balance due to possible oil contamination. and the health hazards of lubricant contamination.

3. Commodity filling, packaging, and bottling. Compressed air is often used in direct contact with products or packaging materials for filling, portioning, blister packaging and bottling. Oil-free Class 0 air prevents oil from being transferred directly to the product.

4. Aseptic application. Whenever your application requires sterile air, you must use Class 0 oil-free air. A particulate filter prevents it from working effectively, while oil-free Class 0 air keeps the air clean.

scroll air compressor oil free air compressor

Features of Scroll Air Compressors
1. High reliability
1) The scroll compressor has fewer parts in the main engine, which is 1/8 of the number of the piston machine. The significant reduction of parts is the key factor for improving reliability.
2) The radius of gyration is small, and the linear speed is only 2m/s, so the wear is small, the mechanical efficiency is high, and the vibration is small.
3) The scientifically controlled machine system ensures improved stability.

2. Lowest noise
1) Due to the lack of suction and exhaust valves and the complex movement mechanism, the knocking sound of the valve plate and the blasting sound of the airflow are eliminated, and the noise is greatly reduced.
2) Suction and exhaust are continuous and stable, more than 6,000 times per minute, making the airflow pulsation extremely small.
3) A 20HP (15KW) scroll air compressor has only 62 dBA noise, so it can be installed and used anywhere, saving a lot of installation costs and more in line with environmental protection requirements.

3. Lowest energy consumption
1) Because of the suction boost effect and no clearance volume, the volumetric efficiency of the scroll air compressor is as high as 98%.
2) Because several working chambers are gradually compressed, the pressure difference between adjacent working chambers is very small, so the leakage is naturally minimal. A compression process is divided into several compressions, and the thermal efficiency is high.
3) There are no suction and exhaust valves, so the resistance loss of intake and exhaust is almost zero. There is no friction and wear on the moving mechanism, and the mechanical efficiency is high, which is the main reason why the scroll compressor saves energy more than other air compressors. For example: (one 20HP15KW) scroll air compressor works 6000 hours a year, saving up to 18000 yuan in electricity bills.

4. Lowest maintenance cost
The main engine has fewer parts and fewer wearing parts, greatly reducing the possibility of parts replacement. At the same time, the cycle of replacing spare parts is long, the use is convenient, the maintenance workload is small, and the maintenance cost is low.

5. Compressed air is 100% oil-free


SOLLANT oil-free scroll air compressors help pharmaceutical factories meet regulatory requirements by ensuring that customers are free from impurities due to air compressors. At the same time, we also provide compressed air system solutions to ensure that the solutions provided to you can improve efficiency and system reliability. Our extensive experience can help you improve efficiency and reliability, reduce risk, reduce waste, and meet your sustainability goals.