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Oil Free Booster Compressor for PET Bottle Blowing

Today, with the highly developed automation of food and beverage enterprises, compressed air is widely used. For some special processes in the food and beverage industry: PET bottle blowing, compressed air is in direct contact with the product, is an indispensable power source, and requires 100% pure oil-free air. The oil-free booster has the characteristics of stable operation, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost, oil-free lubrication of gas contact parts, and clean gas after compression.

The role of the compressor
Of all the components in the PET blow molding industry, the compressor is the most important. Therefore, they must be handled with great care and with the utmost attention throughout the process. Their importance is a result of the need to inject pressurized air to form and shape PET bottles. Additionally, the prolonged periods of extreme temperature and pressure conditions in the manufacturing process require precise air flow within the system. This role is performed by the compressor, thus emphasizing its importance to the success of the process.

What is a high-pressure booster compressor?
A device that amplifies the pressure of pre-compressed air in industrial systems is called a high-pressure booster compressor. This system takes air from a low-pressure compressor and multiplies it, producing air at a higher pressure. A standard high-pressure booster compressor can amplify the pre-compressed air pressure by a factor of ten.