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The cotton spinning industry mainly uses clean compressed air as the power source, which requires oil content; the chemical fiber industry mainly uses air for instrumentation and suction guns, and the printing and dyeing industry mainly uses air for power and instrumentation.

More and more textile processes have been completed pneumatically by screw air compressors. At present, they are mainly used in fiber conveying, rubber roller pressurization, moving stations, jet air processing, jet automatic control technology, cleaning parts, etc.

Due to the characteristics of long continuous working time and large air consumption in the textile industry, the performance requirements of the screw air compressor are relatively high. The air compressor equipment in the textile industry needs to meet the requirements of a stable air source, clean compressed air, and oil-free. At present, many textile enterprises generally use 0.7-1.0Mpa air compressors to install pressure-reducing valves to meet the air demand. In fact, this method is not advisable and will cause a waste of resources. According to the properties of the textile industry, it is recommended to choose a low-pressure air compressor.

The low-pressure host system can automatically adjust the internal compression ratio according to the operating pressure and can maintain good energy efficiency in the exhaust pressure range of 0.2~0.5Map. In the post-processing equipment, precision filters and cold dryers are equipped to ensure the quality of compressed gas. Only when the gas is pure can the stability of production be guaranteed and the harm to textile equipment products can be reduced.

Whether you are adding a new air compressor room or replacing an old air compressor, SOLLANT will provide you with comprehensive solutions from the energy consumption test of the old model, the location selection of the air compressor room, the design and installation of the pipeline, the configuration of the model, and the combination of post-processing equipment, etc. SOLLANT tailor-made aerodynamic solutions for textile industry enterprises.

low pressure air compressor
Low Pressure Air Compressor for Textile Industry