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The application range of dry oil-free air compressors is relatively wide. At present, food and beverage, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, electronics industry, instrument industry, etc. are all involved. So what is the dry oil-free screw air compressor? What advantage?

The casing of the dry oil-free screw main engine adopts the oil cooling method, especially the design of the two-stage main engine with a large throughput that can be reliably provided! Oil-free and more nearly constant temperature compression process, mainly due to its constant low temperature, can be used in demanding applications with ambient temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius.

The pharmaceutical industry has high requirements for the quality of compressed air. Such industries with strict requirements on gas often choose oil-free air compressors when choosing air compressors. Because oil-free air compressors are lubricated by water, they generally compress The air does not contain oil and the gas has a high degree of cleanliness and will not pollute the finished product.


Application of oil-free air compressors in the pharmaceutical industry:

  1. Capsule tablet. From mixing, hardening, and granulation to drying, pressing, coating and packaging, compressed air is used in every step. Compressed air is in contact with drugs at almost every step of the manufacturing process. If the compressed air contains oil, moisture, or other impurities, it will contaminate the drug. Therefore, even if an oil-free air compressor is used, it is necessary to configure post-processing equipment.
  2. Fermentation. The fermenter is aerated with sterile air. If the sterile air is contaminated, the final product will be contaminated.
  3. Instrument air, tools used throughout the manufacturing process are fueled by compressed air. Because the air from the tool comes into contact with the product, it must be pure and oil-free.
  4. Bottling, canning, and packaging. Pharmaceuticals can be packaged in a variety of ways, including blister packs, vials, lightweight plastic containers, and cartons. Depending on the product, compressed air can be used to clean and remove moisture from these packages.
  5. Drying, and drying the drug to remove any type of solvent or water from the product. This process is usually done with a vacuum pump, which helps evaporate liquids from solids.

The application of oil-free air compressors in the pharmaceutical industry is mainly reflected in the above aspects. In actual work, it is often encountered that the surface of the produced product has oil, which is mainly caused by the lubricant in the production equipment or the use of an oil-injected air compressor. Of course, if you use an oil-free air compressor, this will not happen.

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