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sollant Screw Air Compressor for Automotive Industry

When it comes to biological fermentation, we naturally think of yogurt, red wine, pickles, etc., which belong to the fermentation of food. In addition to its application in the food industry, fermentation engineering is also widely used in medicine, agriculture, and aquaculture. Biofermentation technology is the process of using microorganisms to prepare microbial cells themselves, or direct metabolites or secondary metabolites. A large amount of pure air will be used in the fermentation process, so the participation of a centrifugal air compressor is also required.

In order to ensure the smooth fermentation of the fermented product, higher requirements are put forward for the compressed air and the stability of the equipment. Compressed air is required to be sterile, so oil-free centrifugal air compressors are commonly used as power sources in this industry.

Different fermentation processes have different requirements for compressed air. When choosing, we need to calculate the maximum demand, minimum demand and average demand for compressed air, determine the size of the air compressor, and the adjustment range of air volume, so as to reduce the mistakes in selection .

Biological fermentation projects also have high requirements for the stability of centrifugal air compressors, so we must pay attention to follow-up maintenance while firmly grasping the procurement process.

As one of the compressor manufacturers entering the bio-fermentation field, after years of development, SOLLANT has become a complete set of centrifugal air compressor suppliers with the most complete types, the most advanced technology and the most professional products, and has systemic problem solutions and services The ability to meet the needs of the field of biological fermentation.

Provide fermentation users with a series of complete system solutions and services such as system process optimization, boiler, steam, thermoelectricity, compressed air, evaporation, heat exchange, fermentation system engineering general contracting, and gas supply, and provide services in the whole life cycle of the unit, Provide users with more green, energy-saving and environmental protection system solutions in the fields of financing services, water treatment, gas production and operation, and park integrated comprehensive energy services.