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7 reasons are reducing the service life of your air compressor

7 reasons are reducing the service life of your air compressor

Lubricating oil is the “blood” flowing in the air compressor. It is very important to the normal operation of air compressor. And here, 50% of air compressor faults are caused by air compressor lubricating oil.

If the coking of the air compressor lubricating oil is not handled in time, it will cause serious carbon deposition, main engine jams, and explosion, etc.[…]

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Why do your customers always complain about the high oil consumption of small air compressor?

Small air compressor oil change

7.5kw-22kw small screw air compressor is more and more popular in the international market. But in the past two or three years, it is often heard from international air compressor agents that their end customers often complain to them that many small 10HP air compressors will have a lot less oil after using for a period of time, resulting in high temperature of the machine. Oil needs to be added in the middle of the maintenance cycle. Added less than […]

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