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Air Compressor Treatment Equipment


Air Compressor Treatment Equipment


We deliver innovative power solutions for a variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and APU’s applications. With diverse generator options, high-tech portable products as well as cutting-edge transfer switches and accessories complementing a distinguished product catalog, we make sure power is always available to our consumers and their businesses, whether the setup is indoor or on a remote construction site. When it comes to a generator, industrial high-tech applications are always in top priorities at Sollant.

Leading global supplier of generator/power units since 2002

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generator/power units

Diesel-fueled generators provide non-stop business function with an efficient fueling option intended for large backup power applications. Sollant has always been able to ensure each diesel-powered solution meets the needs of various applications as well as the standards of each industry.

Sollant’s portable equipment is designed to withstand the rigors of rental yards and sites, in the most extreme environments. Our innovative solutions help military, disaster response, oil & gas, mining, construction, infrastructure, and event professionals optimize operations with mobile light, power, water, and heat solutions for safer worksites and streamlined workflow.